Confused or concerned about your Investment/ QROPS or Pension?

We’ve found recently from our new clients who have come to us with some sort of investment wrapper-typically a Spanish Compliant Portfolio Bond or Qrops/ pension arrangement that most
could not answer YES to these 3 questions:

Do you know exactly what you are invested in?
Do you understand all your investments?
Do you understand structured notes?

Over the recent months we have been helping these new clients understand EXACTLY what they have, enabling them to confidently answer YES to all of the above. At Logic we endevor to ensure that our customer understands all aspects of their investments down to the smallest detail.

We have over 40 years experience in both the UK and Spain advising clients on financial and tax planning matters.

We have 2 fully qualified individuals with the CII and are regulated and registered with teh Gilbraltar Financial Services commision, the FCA in the UK and both the DGS and CNMV here in Spain

If you have any queries concerning your existing investment, whether they include Structured Notes or not, empower something logical and get in touch. We’ll help you understand exactly what it is you have and advise on all financial and tax planning matters to ensure you are getting the best.


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