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Budget for 2018

The Goverment's budget for 2018 has finally been approved. Below is a summary of changes we thought might interest you. Starting with a positive one, going to the cinema is going to be cheaper , as the IVA/ VAT on tickets will decrease from 21 to 10. Effective immediatly. Another improvement Paternity leave from 4-5 weeks and for 'fucionarios' the option to take leave once the mothers leave has ended. Effective immediatly. Pensions will increase with 1.6% for a medium pension to 3% for a minimum pension, 1,35% for Autonomos not in receipt of minimum pension. The increased pension payments will be released as of August , but the measure will be implemented retro-actively as of January 1st this year, so during July all pensioners will receive an extra payment with the increase over the months January-July. IRPF Income Tax Changes - The threshold of 12,000 euros will go up to 14,000 euros. Higher allowances for those with income from work between 14,000-18,000. Ext