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Brexit- The Facts

There is a lot of speculation and fear mongering about Brexit. What do we know? Nothing. That is the simple fact, nobody can tell us what is going to happen. So with so many seminars and meetings organised with various companies and figureheads to try and clarify the position the fact of the matter is nobody knows. So why not focus on what we do know, the facts and nothing else. There are undoubtedly many questions and we will all have our own that pertain to us individually or as a family and we will all have an eye on the overall effect. The Facts   For most expatriates living in Spain, working or not one fact is that if you spend more than 183 days a year in Spain you should be Fiscally resident in Spain. It is not a choice it is obligatory. If your children go to school in Spain, private or public your centre of influence is likely to be Spain and as a result you are obliged to become Fiscally Resident for tax purposes in Spain. In 2018, legislation has been introduced w

Confused or concerned about your Investment/ QROPS or Pension?

We’ve found recently from our new clients who have come to us with some sort of investment wrapper-typically a Spanish Compliant Portfolio Bond or Qrops/ pension arrangement that most could not answer YES to these 3 questions: Do you know exactly what you are invested in? Do you understand all your investments? Do you understand structured notes? Over the recent months we have been helping these new clients understand EXACTLY what they have, enabling them to confidently answer YES to all of the above. At Logic we endevor to ensure that our customer understands all aspects of their investments down to the smallest detail. We have over 40 years experience in both the UK and Spain advising clients on financial and tax planning matters. We have 2 fully qualified individuals with the CII and are regulated and registered with teh Gilbraltar Financial Services commision, the FCA in the UK and both the DGS and CNMV here in Spain If you have any queries concerning your exist

Just 1 Question. Would you send your children to be taught in a school where teachers are not qualified?

Qualified     Is your financial adviser qualified? There are a variety of qualifications within our industry, and as in many industries the level or, quality of qualifications, vary. From a qualification perspective, the UK is probably one of the most robust and rigorous environments. You can easily check to see if your adviser is qualified to UK standards, by simply going to the Chartered Insurance Institute website, . If you click on membership and then member search, you can then type in your advisers’ name. If they don’t appear with at least the designation Dip PFS next to their name, they would not be able to give advice in the UK. Regulated I am sure, like us, you will see many adverts in the press and on Social Media from firms and individuals offering to provide Financial Advice. Sadly, many of these are not regulated at all. Being regulated ensures that you have important protection against unscrupulous advisers. If the firm is regulated, you will have