“Is it wise to keep your pension in the UK?”

Pension planning has always been an important part of financial planning and never more so than now. The pension industry’s legislation is forever changing and everyone should review their options.

On top of this, we find ourselves in a transitional period where the UK are in negotiations with the EU, hoping to obtain the best BREXIT deal possible. This, as one would expect, raises lots of uncertainty and concerns about how UK pensions will be affected by BREXIT and equally, what impact this has on individuals who live overseas.

At Logic, we have seen an increasing number of clients living abroad opt to transfer their pension to an overseas, tax beneficial, jurisdiction. This has given them peace of mind that their pension will no longer be subject to unknown changes caused by BREXIT.

Most people will depend on a pension to provide them with their income in retirement. Their pension may come from the State, from a company sponsored pension scheme or from a private pension arrangement.

Governments around the world are increasing retirement ages and reducing the benefits that the state provides, so we all need to have the means to support ourselves. Furthermore, with our life expectancy increasing through breakthroughs in medication and education, our pension funds need to last longer than ever before.

It is not uncommon for people to lose track of their pensions over time, or even forget about them all together. If you want to maintain a certain level of lifestyle in retirement or have the option of retiring when you want to, it is vital you have a plan in place.

At Logic, we are able to carry out pension audits and reviews of existing schemes, whether your pension be based in the UK or overseas. We will explain what your options are in plain English, without the jargon, so that you can make informed decisions on how best to achieve your goals.


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